Pied Piper Players has developed some very dear traditions over the years. What do robes, smiles, pajamas, dances and famed halls all have in commom? Read on!

The Gypsy Robe Award

The Gypsy Robe is awarded to the ensemble member who best exemplifies the philosophy of Pied Piper Players. This tradition was born in the renaissance of theater when gypsies played bit parts for traveling companies. Ceremony and stature surround the gypsy robe as it is passed on from one production to the next.

This honor is bestowed on one who has shown extra effort in commitment, respect and communication, and has dedicated him/herself to helping others and giving the production all one has to give.

  • Josie Fontana  | The Wiz  |  Spring 2016
  • Paige Clarke  |  Peter Pan  |  Fall 2015
  • Edan Bahatt  |  Mary Poppins  |  Spring 2014
  • Gabby Shapiro  |  Willy Wonka  |  Fall 2014
  • Ryan Sieben  |  Shrek the Musical  |  Spring 2014
  • Fintan Swift  |  Miracle on 34th Street  |  Fall 2013
  • Benjamin An  |  Tom Sawyer, an American Musical   |  Spring 2013
  • Marguerite Fields  |  Never After  |  Winter 2013
  • Katie Laguë  |  Wizard of Oz  |  Fall 2012
  • Matthew McCoy  |  Once Upon a Mattress  |  Spring 2012
  • Katherine Jenkins  |  Seussical  |  Fall 2011
  • Madelyn Levine  |  Annie  |  Summer 2011
  • Olivia Guittari  |  Honk!  |  Spring 2011
  • Kasani Williams  |  My Son Pinocchio  |  Fall 2010
  • Olivia Klein  |  The Wiz  |  Spring 2010
  • Kayla Compton  |  Willy Wonka  |  Fall 2009
  • Jack Loar  |  Anne of Green Gables  |  Spring 2009
  • Reuben “Ruby” Grossman  |  Just So  |  Fall 2008
  • Jillian Balkenhol  |  Lucky Duck  |  Spring 2008
  • Justin Kawakami  |  Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat  |  Fall 2007
  • Taryn Issel   |  Wonderland!   |  Spring 2007
  • Laura Grossman  |  Seussical  |  Fall 2006
  • Zach Herrera  |  The Music Man  |   Spring 2006
  • Alexa Fallon  |  Narnia  |  Fall 2005
  • Allison Twaddle  |  The Wiz  |  Spring 2005
  • Ashley Spare-Ratto  |  Honk!  |  Fall 2004
  • Trevor Assaf  |  Tom Sawyer, an American Musical  |  Spring 2004
  • Jennifer Young  |  Footloose  |  Spring 2003
  • Robyn Mandel  |  Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat  |  Spring 2002

Julie Smile Award

Julie has a GREAT smile. Ergo, we have an award for each performance’s performer that brings on their best smile during their performance. It’s awesome. Can’t get enough of those smiles.

Pajama Day

Tech Week can be a challenging time. So we challenge ourselves to make the most of it and have some fun along the way. Like wearing your p.j.’s to rehearsal. And having soft, snuggly things to wrap ourselves around. All day. It makes it oh, so much better.

Dance Off

During the run of the MainStage show, there is a thing called the Dance Off. The cast is divided into small groups and competes with one another—and stage crew(!)— to create and perform a musical number. The esteemed judges select a winner based on choreography, creativity, cleverness, cuteness and abiding by the rules(!). It is a serious competition. Seriously.

Hall of Fame

PPP Hall of Famers of inducted into the PPP Hall of Fame after their fifth MainStage production. The consecutive-show Famers are especially remarkable. They hit the boards running and don’t ever stop, the little energizer bunnies.

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