Theater Camps

This summer offers up two three-week live-and-in-person theater camps for you. Choose either a musical or a play from each session. Entering grades 3–7.

Session 1 June 21–July 9
The Musical:
The Tale of Beauty and the Beast.
As the story goes, a poor widow plucks a forbidden rose from the cursed Beast’s castle grounds, and he sentences her to death as punishment. In our story, we meet the widow’s two distasteful daughters and greedy sons-in-law who hear her “insane” story and don’t believe a word of it. But her third daughter, Beauty, goes to Beast and promises to stay if her mother’s life is spared. You’ll be moved by Beast’s eventual transformation back into a loving prince, and you’ll find thrills and humor when the two sons-in-law slink into the eerie castle and end up encountering a battle with enchanted furniture! 
The Play:
Big Bad (Wolf Trial)
The most notorious criminal in the fairy-tale world, Big Bad Wolf, is being slapped with a class-action lawsuit by the countless quirky characters he has wronged. Now, the two greatest legal minds in the Enchanted Forest—the Evil Stepmother and the Fairy Godmother—will clash (on live Court TV, no less, with Sydney Grimm as commentator!) in a trial that will be remembered forever after. As Little Red Riding Hood, her Grandmother, the Three Little Pigs and the Shepherd in charge of the Boy Who Cried Wolf testify, the wolf seems deserving of all that’s coming. But, even though the disreputable Evil Stepmother couldn’t be less interested in pro-bono work on such an obviously futile defense, Mr. Wolf makes a good case for himself. Was he born a criminal, or made one? Perhaps he does deserve compassion instead of condemnation? What will the verdict be? Only the jury—your audience—can decide, when the doddering old Judge invites them to determine the outcome of the trial…and the play! 

Session 2 July 19–August 6
The Musical:
Little Red Riding Hood
Little Red is wondering why life isn’t more exciting, while Granny shows up in search of the Wolf, who has stolen her bicycle. Granny, who is a karate expert, has no fear of the Wolf, a most unusual creature who is Harvard educated (he wrote his thesis on Wolfgang Mozart), enjoys being evil, and loves little children (on whole wheat toast). When Granny has an accident (she breaks her hand practicing karate on a brick), Little Red sets out to deliver dinner to her. She goes through the woods, where she encounters a variety of forest creatures including, of course, the Wolf, who discovers her destination and arrives at Granny’s house before she does. He locks up Granny and lays a trap for Little Red.  Does the Woodsman arrive in time to save her?!
The Play: Chaos in Fairy Tale Forest
When Red Riding Hood trips over a root in the forest, she spills her basket of goodies only to encounter Hansel and Gretel wanting her food basket. They have finished off the gingerbread house and are now running from the witch. Poor Red is confused—there’s no witch in her story! But when Bambi scampers in, chased by Robin Hood, who is running from Goldilocks because he shot arrows at her three bears, Red knows the fairy tale forest is in total chaos! From Snow White to the heartless Tin Man and the Headless Horseman to Rapunzel to the White Rabbit, the story just gets crazier and crazier! To complicate matters, a Shrek-like Sheriff Ogre tries to shoo away the “legend” characters because they don’t belong in Fairy Tale Forest. The hysterical stage action builds to a crescendo until all suddenly goes black. When the lights come up, we realize it was all just a dream…or was it?


  • Each cohort will perform the play or musical they registered for.
  • The student will audition for, be cast in, and rehearse their show throughout the three weeks
  • With their own craft materials, every student will do a craft project that relates to their character.
  • Every student will assist in the construction of their props and set specific to their cohort/show.
  • Students will all get the opportunity for a solo of some kind and will gain skills in responsibility, time management, confidence, and teamwork.
  • Theater fun will be the focus! 


For our final showcase we will be recording each performance. We will then edit and distribute to families so you can keep a copy and we can maintain a contactless camp!


  • There will be two separate cohorts with the maximum number of students allowed by current local guidelines (currently 14 students max in each group).
  • Each cohort will have three instructors that will remain with their cohort and be contactless with the other.
  • Camp Director—Lyndsee Bell—will be on site at all times for emergency contact and maintaining daily schedules/policies.
  • Each cohort will wear masks except while eating and drinking.
  • Camp will run from 9am–3pm each day. We are unable to provide before and after care this summer.


  • All procedures will consistently be updated to stay current with local guidelines.
  • Safety screenings will be done every morning to be granted entry into the building.
  • Drop Off will be curbside, with staggered times.
  • There will be a quarantine room where students who develop symptoms will be separated prior to pickup.
  • A professional cleaning service will come at the end of every day to sanitize.
  • Each student will receive their own set of craft supplies to minimize shared materials.
  • All Camp instructors will follow a sanitation schedule each day .
  • Floor markings will cover all rehearsal areas so as to continue to maintain distance as much as possible throughout the day.
  • Each student will have a designated area to store their belongings that is separate from others.
  • All siblings will be required to be in the same cohort  


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