Theater Camps

Develop singing, dancing and acting skills while making memories that will last a lifetime.
In these two-week Summer Camps and one-week Harry Potter camp, students are coached by theater professionals, develop teamwork and creativity, and gain confidence and skills as they work together to put on a showcase for family and friends at the end of their session.

Grades 1–9
Camps run daily from 9am–4pm
197 Airport Blvd in Burlingame—on the bay, next to Meta. We keep our student/staff ratio low. We have air conditioning and walk to a nearby park for lunch!

The Rainbow Fish Musical
June 17–28

Everybody loves the international bestseller and award-winning book, The Rainbow Fish, with its wonderful message of friendship and belonging.

This musical features a variety of charming school and sea-creature characters who admire the famous Rainbow Fish, the most beautiful fish in all the ocean. When Rainbow Fish refuses to share his (or her) vibrant, shimmering scales, the whole ocean seems to turn against the vain creature. Unhappy that no one adores him anymore, the Rainbow Fish seeks out the wise Octopus. Octopus helps the young fish learn that it’s far better to be admired for being kind than for being beautiful.

Lady Pirates of the Caribbean—The Musical
July 8–19

Esmeralda, the captain of the pirates known as the Lawless Ladies, is called upon to help recover stolen gold from other plundering pirates. She and her crew disguise themselves as a shipwrecked theatrical troupe who happen upon the luckless Parrot Isle, where they are greeted by the willy-nilly Governor Don Juan Futon and his wary sister, Lucretia. With other pirates already in the dungeon at the Governor’s palace, the place is literally swarming with pirates, as well as other crazy characters! 

Lively songs, comic dance, and plenty of action including a swashbuckling pirate vs. pirate sword fight make this musical comedy a blast for performers and audience alike!

The Snow White Musicapalooza
July 22–Aug 2

Can’t decide between a Western or a mystery, a farce or a spoof, or something else? Then this is the show for you! Playing with a variety of ever-changing story genres and musical styles, this fast-paced, musical extravaganza has something for everyone!

The audience becomes the live studio audience on a talk show, Real Talk with Fairytale Legends, where the seven dwarves tell the story of Snow White as the Fairytale Players bring it to life. As each new dwarf takes a turn telling or singing different parts of Snow White’s famous story in his or her own unique voice, the players’ re-enactment shifts to match the style and personality of that particular dwarf. At any given moment, the story can be anything — romance, home improvement show, suspense, epic poetry, cooking show, stand-up routine, or blockbuster action movie! There’s even a “Miss Fairest of Them All” beauty pageant! As the genres change to suit the story, so do the musical styles making for great fun and entertainment!

Harry Potter—New for Fall!
October 7–11

This one-week camp all imagination and fun. Campers create their own Harry Potter characters and stories. Who knows what spells and magic will occur?