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School of Rock - the musical

Registration is Open
Auditions June 3, 2017
Performances Nov 30–Dec 3, 2017
Ages 11–18


Registration Opens June 12 at 7:00pm
Auditions August 26, 2017
Performances Nov 10–19, 2017
Ages 5+

Summer Theater Camps and Conservatories

June 19–July 1 – Turbo Teen: Summer Style
June 19–July 1 – Madagascar, Jr.
July 10–14 – Summer Camp Fun!
July 17–August 5 – Flat Stanley, Jr.

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Pinocchio registration opens June 12 at 7:00pm 

Spots still open for July Summer Camp (July 10–14) and 3-Week Summer Theater Conservatory (July 17–Aug 5)


5.15 was our Day of Giving. Today is our day of thanks.

Because of your support and participation, we not only met but exceeded our goals. As of 8pm on 5.15, we had raised $25,595. With these funds we will continue to delight audiences with our MainStage productions, expand our class offerings, bring more musical theater experiences to underprivileged kids and offer more scholarships so all families can share equally in the joy of PPP. We thank you for stepping up when asked, stretching to give more than you can, and supporting us in everything we do.

thank you for your gifts



Summer Theater Camps and Conservatories

2-Week Turbo Teen: Summer Style
June 19–July 1
You’re A Good Man, Charlie Brown
Ages 12+
There is a waitlist for this program.

2-Week Summer Theater Conservatory
June 19–July 1
Madagascar, Jr. 
Ages 7–11
Registration for this program is closed.

1-Week Summer Theater Camp
July 10–14
Midsummer Night’s Madness

Ages 7–17

3-Week Summer Theater Conservatory
July 17–August 5
Flat Stanley, Jr. 
Ages 7–17

School of Rock

Registration is open.
Auditions June 3, 2017
Performances Nov 30–Dec 3, 2017
Ages 11-18


Registration Opens June 12 at 7:00pm
Ages 5+
Performances Nov 10–19, 2017


TAP I (Beginner)
April 24–May 22
Mondays, 6pm–7pm

TAP II (Intermediate)
April 24–May 22
Mondays, 7pm–8pm

JAZZ (Beginner/Intermediate)
April 27–June 1
Thursdays, 4:45pm–5:45pm

Sept 28–Nov 16
Thursdays, 6pm–8pm


Productions customized to fit your vision and budget.
We offer you a one stop production shop. Email to arrange for a free consultation.

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It’s Fast! It’s Furious! And It’s Fun!
Join a group of like-minded thespians as you pour yourself into a two-week program full of drama, comedy and fabulous music.

2-Week Turbo Teen: Summer Style

You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown

June 10–July 1, 2017

Ages 12+

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Pied Piper Players is a family theater company dedicated to the promotion of confidence, community and excellence through the performing arts.
We’re about learning new skills, sharing our gifts with others, providing others with production design and building services.


Over the past 15 years, we have evolved from an organization focused on staging two musical productions a year, to a community with a home base and the capacity to offer a wide variety of theater based programs year round. We thank the original PPP Posse whose hard work and vision in 2001 gave us the base we needed to become the award-winning family theater company we are today.


Our new home at 1000 S Amphlett Blvd in San Mateo had afforded us efficiencies that we used to dream of. We are working hard to expand our offerings. Look for more news as we develop and refine our educational programs, which include more classes, camps and performance opportunities than ever before. Acting and Theater Tech classes offer invaluable skills for participants both on and off stage. Jazz and Tap classes fill our lovely new Dance Studio with music and movement.

Our educational programs include theater classes, teen programs, seasonal camps and summer theater conservatories. Come join us!

Community Outreach

Outreach programs continue to play a significant role in realizing our company’s mission to enrich our community. Free After-School drama programs deliver a unique theater experience directly to local underserved schools. MainStage program Scholarships and the Free Ticket-Gifting and Free Transporation for Local Schools help us share the magic of live theater with our children and their families.


Pied Piper Players is an amazing community of caring, considerate children and adults and place where confidence blooms. My daughter has grown so much, not just as an actor or singer, but as a person. She has made wonderful friendships and has learned so much. It is the one place that she looks forward to going and doesn’t mind missing out on Girl Scouts, Birthday Parties, Slumber Parties, or Play Dates. I once asked her if she minded rehearsing all weekend long and her answer was, “Of course not. I wish I could go more.” Need I say more.

Melissa Gustavson

Incredible emotional growth in kids. Great to have good friends outside of school. Huge self-esteem boost. ‘Happy place’ for my kids, even though putting in a lot of hard work. They enjoyed and benefited from directions (and ‘molding’) from all the artistic staff! Grateful for this wonderful opportunity, relish watching the evolution!

Tessa Walters


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